The Society for Calligraphy & Handwriting’s (SCH) next meeting is Thursday, May 20th, at 7:00 pm via Zoom.

Kellie Shepherd Moeller will present “Leaving a Legacy, Sharing Your Work Online”. Artists are incredible human beings and can use their talents to change the world. Join us for a fun evening learning how to use calligraphy and your creative bent to impact the world. Discover and learn the art of artistic influence. See real life examples of calligraphers who are making a positive social impact and learn how to inspire others with your own work. 

Materials needed: 1. Access to the Internet. 2. One idea: what change would you like to see happen in the world?

If you would like to attend this fun-filled meeting, please join SCH. Our annual dues are only $25. If you have any questions, please email