The Society for Calligraphy & Handwriting’s (SCH) next meeting is Thursday, February 16th, at 7pm at First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue in room UC-105. Please view our meetings page for the address and directions.

Nancy Anderson will be presenting Modern Rustic. She will teach how to add a little twist and style to your lettering with this modern adaptation of 4-5th century Antique Rustic. Once you master the pen twist you can make it tall or short, wide or narrow for many unique designs. You will create a circular monogram note with a unique envelope.
Please bring any 3mm pen (i.e.  Brause 3mm, Mitchell #1, or C-2), ink preference, scissors and tracing paper. Supply fee will be $2.00.

Enjoy participating in an optional raffle for $2.00. Visitors are welcome to attend to see if they would like to join our guild. We look forward to seeing you there!